Our Brands

Yespan mainly contains indusrtrial products.
Eco and Smart series considers empty panels for general use.
Commader series you can find also floor standing encolsures and operating consoles.
Alp series is offering to you up to 4000A power distribution with electrical installation services.

Yıldırım Elsan predominantly contains Residential meter panels for the houses.
Besides Residental meter panels, construction area, irrigation motor, low voltage and compensation panels are also counts in the product range.


Ecopan is a brand for tailor-made panels.
And also Ecopan gives a chance to raise the competitiveness of all business partners.

Creapan is a panel creating software allowing our business partners to design Yespan panels over the Internet.
Creapan makes it possible for our business partners to design, save their own panel designs without losing time, and to offer to their customers. .