Corporate Values 


  • We comply with the law, 
  • Work with high standards of ethics, 
  • Do our best to protect the environment, 
  • Be fair to our colleagues and employees, ;
  • If any, know to accept our mistakes and attempt to compensate them, 
  • Carry out our business in a clear way based upon confidence, 
  • Struggle to be the best for our customers and suppliers.  


  • We produce alternative solutions for our customers to be competitive in the market, 
  • We listen to our customers, We know that customer satisfaction is our satisfaction, 
  • We keep our product quality in highest level to minimize customer complaints, 
  • We stand loyal to what we promised.  

        “FOR THE BEST” 

  • We put targets for us and we passionately work towards these targets. 
  • We are always open for development in order to raise our quality level. 
  • We are rational, disciplined and determined. 
  • For a permanent improvement, we crucially question and criticize ourselves. 
  • We are aware of the significance of quick action. 
  • We realize our jobs systematically.