Since the year of foundation in 1972, Yıldırım Elsan has established its policy on customer satisfaction and thus attained a global player status in the sector.



    1972 Aydoğan YILDIRIM founded the firm `YILDIRIM ELSAN` in Aydın in order to produce fluorescent light-boxes and had only prepared their moulds for 1 year. 

    1974 Fuse links over a marble plate, located at the entrance of houses during those years were adapted to sheet metal section for the “FIRST” time in Turkey. This is how “YES PANO" was born. 

    1980 A regional sale office was initiated in İzmir and a dealership system was adapted. 

    1984 Production of low voltage and distribution panels started. Yıldırım Elsan was able to render service to its business partners on electric panels from A to Z. 

    1997 Caner YILDIRIM and İsmail Cem YILDIRIM became shareholders to the company. 

    2001 Project department was initiated and activities aimed at contracting firms gained speed. 

    2003 The company realized its first exports to Azerbaijan. 

    2006 It put itself one-step ahead by having been awarded the work of Antalya state hospital, which is the biggest State Hospital in Turkey, together with the company Legrand (France). 

    2007 It introduced its new trademark `YESPAN` aimed at needs of its customers abroad. 

    2009 It proved that it is a global producer upon realization of the tender of the Libyan government for Telecom infrastructure in cooperation with SIEMENS (Germany) and ABB (Switzerland). 

    2010 Thanks to its performance and product quality/price balance it maintained, it became the direct supplier to SIEMENS (Germany) and ABB (Switzerland).