An Overview About Our Company

Electricity need in the world rapidly accelerated the technological developments in this field. Considering these two factors, Yespan shaped both its production capacity and product quality with the technology possessed.


Since its establishment, never leaving the innovations, the company made its trademarks demanded.


The company proved with reliability with its background of 40 years.


Yespan is participative with the economy, society and environment, arts, sports.


For its success, Yespan needs true knowledge and people. It collaborates with universities. It follows up technological developments in the world, adapts them to itself and then presents them to its business partners.


It shares the knowledge accumulation it has gathered through years with its employees and business partners. It expects its suppliers to act in this direction.


It determined its mission as to provide its business partners in the most suitable way with the needs of ever-changing market by sustaining price-quality balance and to strive for this aim all the time.


In addition to its wide product range, its ability to produce “special solutions within the direction of customer needs” is Yespan's most significant characteristic.


In this way, it intends to make difference and to reach permanent superiorities.


Thanks to specialized cadre and production skills who adapted the vision to ensure its business partners gain success, the products of the company are being used in 20 countries.